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Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand

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There is a new site for FFANZ - please bookmark it in place of this one which will diappear soon

Welcome to Ross's FFANZ page. For those of you who don't know it, the Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand was established in 1982 to encourage closer ties between fans in Australia and New Zealand.

The two countries play host to trans-tasman guests on alternate years. FFANZ exists solely thorough the support of fandom and the candidates are voted for by interested fans throughout the world. Money raised from votes, donations and sales are what enable the fund to exist. FFANZ relies on the continued interest and generosity of fans to ensure its future.

Lynelle Howell is the 2017 FFANZ Delegate

The Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand (FFANZ) are very pleased to announce that the race for Melbourne has been won, and we are excited to have Lynelle Howell as our new delegate.

Lynelle has been a tireless champion of the New Zealand science fiction community for many years, and now she will be heading to Melbourne in 2017 to meet and greet with Australian fandom and share her knowledge and enthusiasm across the ditch.

Thanks to everyone who voted for Lynelle, and to all those who have otherwise supported or signal-boosted the fan funds. It is much appreciated.

If you would like to help in our mission to promote New Zealand and Australian fandom and writing and continue to strengthen the bonds between our communities, please contact the fund administrators, Dan Rabarts in New Zealand or David McDonald in Australia, to see how you can help. We're always open to donations which can be auctioned at cons, or any other creative means of raising funds and raising awareness and keeping good things happening. We can both be found on Facebook or Twitter.

In other news back in '91 Alan Stewart wrote a trip report of his FFANZ trip to New Zealand. Now you can read it here.


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Disclaimer and clarification - despite the similarities of the acronyms, FFANZ and SFFANZ are not affiliated in any way.